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ropefearing's Journal

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Miku Hinasaki
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Character: Miku Hinasaki
Series: Fatal Frame I
Version: mid-game
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Miku is a relatively average girl, appearance-wise. She is slim and stands at around 160 centimetres (5'3") and an average (possibly slightly below) weight. She has medium length hair, with bangs falling just over her eyes, and that falls a bit past her shoulders when down, but is usually pinned up on the back of her head by an ornate comb that once belonged to her grandmother, Mikoto; her eyes are the same deep brown. She is obviously not the most active of people, although she is hardly out of shape. She is simply thin and relatively average in build.

She is typically dressed in nice, but casual clothing. A plain white, collared shirt, with the sleeves usually pulled part way up her arms, with a simple brown undershirt worn underneath is. She wears a similarly simply (somewhat layered) short brown skirt (falling to mid thigh or so), and tall, flat brown boots that come nearly up to her knees. Aside from the hair clip, she is also accessorised by something of a black choker and a red sash tied around the collar of her shirt. She is also carrying a flashlight (with extra batteries) and a peculiar antique camera (with extra film).

Additionally, if she were still under the influence of the curse from the mansion, she would have ropes appearing in any photos of herself (as it stands these are gone).

Personality: The first and most obvious characteristic of Miku is that she is rather shy and closed off. Because of the troubles she has seen and because of her sixth sense, she has a hard time opening up to anyone other than her older brother. She often finds herself all together unable to communicate her thoughts and feelings to people, and because of this she can seem almost cold and distant to some - especially those who don't know her very well. Not that she knows many people well at all; at this point she is simply strongly attached to her older brother, and no one else.

She is a kind enough person, though, and incredibly loyal. She is more than willing to put others before her, and risk life and limb for those she is close to. She is obviously willing to put herself into dangerous and uncomfortable situations if it is for her brother, for example, and she would doubtless do the same for any friends that she made, even if it is hard for her to make them in the first place. Even strangers would never get a blind eye, however, and she would help them where she could. This, however, has been painful for her, as well; she has seen so many visions of people in pain, in the past, and been able to do nothing. This only adds to her closed off nature.

Her sixth sense has also caused her to be a bit of a worrier, as she often gets (somewhat inexplicable) 'feelings', foreboding and forewarning. Because of this she can often get fairly worried and uneasy about situations. This also, in the end, just adds to her timidity.

Fears: Miku's absolute biggest fear is being left behind and alone, especially by her brother; she fears losing what little she has left dear to her more than anything else, enough so that she's willing to risk everything for them and she gets uneasy sometimes about the mere thought of them going away. Second to that, though, she does have a fear of the torturous rituals that she has encountered and heard of and, despite all of her encounters with them, she still has a natural fear of ghosts, especially hostile and powerful ones.

Weaknesses: Emotionally, Miku can sometimes be a little bit dependant on her brother, considering her troubles opening up to others - another evident weakness in her personality. She has a hard time talking to and connecting to people, especially ones that she doesn't know, therefore putting her at a loss, on occasion, when it comes to social situations or other people. She tries, but it is hard for her. Also, her visions are at times a weakness - they can take her off guard, render her afraid or distressed, etc.

Physically, and as far as defending herself goes, she is average at best in build, and has only the camera to defend herself; as such she is often times more vulnerable than some others might be. The camera itself is not the perfect tool for defence, as it has limited supplies of film and can only harm some ghosts (some stronger ones would be unaffected by it) - it would serve as nothing of a defence against the monsters in the house. Additionally, it can sometimes be slow, as it often takes a moment to 'charge' in order to do more against the ghosts she fights, as opposed to wasting film by taking more, less powerful shots.

Strengths/Abilities: Miku has a strong sixth sense, that allows her to sense - to an extent - spirits and get 'feelings' about situations and places. Additionally it is not uncommon for her to hear/see spirits or to have visions about them. She also has the Camera Obscura (hers is fairly strong, too), that can take photos of and exorcise spirits and reveal other things; it has a decent shutter speed and range. She has a fair bit of film with her, as well, as well as a flashlight and a few extra batteries.

For the record, film-wise, she carries about forty type-14, forty-five type-37 and a good two dozen or so of type-74.

History: Miku is the younger of two children born to Miyako Hinasaki, the older (by about four years) being her dear brother Mafuyu. Miku holds hardly any memories of her father, however, who disappeared one day when on an assignment, and so she spent most of her childhood isolated to only her mother and brother; especially considering the sixth sense she had that made it near impossible for her to open up to or grow close to anyone else - her brother was the person dearest to her. Her mother, however, ended up committing suicide (hanging herself) from overexposure to the family's antique camera. Mafuyu gained possession of the camera and he took care of Miku.

At seventeen, however, Maufuyu left in order to go look for his missing mentor, Junsei Takamine. Miku was uneasy about this, and didn't want him to go, filled with a foreboding feeling like he was going somewhere far away, but he did end up leaving to search the man out. After nine days, he had not yet returned. Miku was worried and - using a note her brother had left - decided to seek him out, leaving for Himuro mansion. The mansion is eerie and cold, and she felt as though something was calling her to it. But there is no sign of her elder brother; until, of course, she finds their mother's old camera, discarded in front of a mirror in a long hallway full of ropes, along with his notebook (reflecting on the history of the mansion and its alleged rituals as well as his own foreboding feelings about the building). As she picks it up she sees an unsettling vision of her brother being attacked by a ghost. When she looked up she saw a woman standing behind her in her reflection, but the image remained for only a split second. She continued on.

She soon also discovers that she is locked in the mansion and she sees glimpses of a shadowy figure of her brother, but continues her search for Mafuyu and the others all the same. She is aided, on occasion, by a strange and mysterious young girl in a white and orange kimono. While there she works on uncovering the secrets of the mansion and its terrible rituals, though notes, visions and recordings left both by the previous residents and by the more recent visitors; Junsei Takamine's party and Mafuyu alike. She was also attacked by malicious ghosts on numerous occasions. She also finds hints of the rope curse; photos of the editor (who's ghost attacked her), for example, with faint images of ropes on his wrists, ankles and neck. And one of the rituals she finds out about includes the one surrounding the Rope Shrine Maiden, who had ropes tied around her arms, legs and neck before she was sacrificed by being torn apart. The one haunting the mansion, if the notes left around were anything to go by, was named Kirie. It also soon became evident that she needed to find the fragments of the broken Holy Mirror in order to seal the Hell's Gate.

It was only just after she found the first piece, though, that the ghost of the rope maiden - Kirie - appeared and reached out for her. She suffered a vision of herself being strangled and torn apart by ropes before being followed by children in a circle singing. She awoke in a new room to a boy running past her and out of the room, before she looked down and noticed her wrists - there were ropes around them. The ropes quickly faded, however, and left behind just the marks; the sign of the curse. When she looked up there was the ghost of a young girl, holding a piece of a mirror in her hands - the holy mirror. The ghost disappeared when Miku demanded the mirror back, however. She found a note left by Mafuyu in the room saying that he too was going to look for the source of the curse, as well as a scrap of a diary left by a woman who once lived in the house, before she began on her way through the mansion again. It wasn't long after she left that room that she was attacked by another ghost; one without eyes, blood on her face, that called out "my eyes" and "it's dark", etcetera. She got rid of that ghost (at least for the time being) and continued on, encountering, of course, more hostile spirits along the way. After a time she also found another note left behind by her brother, claiming that he believed the ghosts were trying to pull him into the past. She continued on, and eventually saw Mafuyu moving through the house again, chasing quickly after him, but she lost sight of him soon after.

She continued on until she found more notes on rituals in the mansion, including the importance of masks and the 'blinding masks' (with two spikes where the eye holes would be) used as a blindfold in the Demon Tag Ritual; it also seemed that the mask may well be a key to the rope alter. Continuing, she found another note from Mafuyu, talking about the ghost of the woman with the gouged out eyes being sensitive to sound. On several instances Miku also encountered the ghost of a hanged woman (who looked startlingly like her own mother) and her and her husband's memories of their daughter Mikoto. Even more disturbing, she came across an assortment of photos, much like the ones her mother had been taking leading up to her hanging herself. With these she found the diary of the woman again, talking about the camera and about her missing daughter. Shortly later she had a vision of the folklorist - the woman's husband - and found his research notes about the masks, especially the mask of reflection.

She investigated the tree in the courtyard after seeing something in it and having a flashback to her discovering her mother's hanged corpse...when she did she witnessed a vision of the woman she'd found the diaries of, who looked much like her mother, having hanged herself as well, and her husband discovering her...she was then promptly attacked by the ghost of the hanged woman. Once she had dispelled the ghost she found the death note that the woman - Yae - had left behind, blaming herself for her daughter's disappearance and asking for forgiveness. She thought it was her fault her daughter disappeared because she let her 'use the camera that day'. With the note there were also several pictures.

After solving some puzzles, Miku also found one of the masks: the Angry Mask, which was later able to use as a sort of key into a different part of the mansion, a hall where she also found the Joyful Mask and the Sad Mask. She then came across a pillar, upon which the happy mask hung - when suddenly she heard and saw something through the eye holes of the mask on the opposite wall. She moved closer to peer into the eye holes of the mask, and, for her trouble, witnessed a vision of the terrible Blinding Ritual. Scared, she accidentally shifted the mask, and several of the men in the ritual turned their gazes up on; she was promptly attacked by the ghost of the blind woman again. Taking care of that, she retrieved the Happy Mask and continued on her way, and she soon found another note from Mafuyu, speculating that the 'woman in the white kimono' - Kirie - was likely the spirit behind the curse. Miku eventually found the Mask of Reflection before she was attacked by the ghost of the folklorist - Yae's husband. She then returned back the way she came, and was able to unlock a new area, where she finally found the Blinding Mask: the key she needed. Before she could use it, however, she saw - or heard, rather - a vision of many children singing, who reached out for her... frightened already, she was then attacked one last time by the Blind Woman, stronger than ever, before Miku was finally able to unlock the door that led further into the mansion. As it opened she saw another vision: of the folklorist himself opening the door, and being promptly killed, pulled into the doors by many arms and grasping hands. She, luckily, was not as unfortunate, though she did find his body - grasping a piece of the Holy Mirror in his hands - when she entered. She saw a fragmented vision of people, death and the rituals when she took the piece, but then she heard something. Looking up she saw Kirie's ghost quickly approaching her, obviously with malicious intent. Finding her camera to be currently useless, Miku turned to escape, only to see the crowd of ghostly children blocking the way, panicked and backed into a corner, she turned again only in time to see Kirie reaching for her, about to grab her -

Miku lost consciousness for a moment, but when she awoke...

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